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We Are Passionate About Helping You Identify Vulnerabilities.

BreakPoint Labs cybersecurity professionals offer tailored assessments to evaluate the security posture of networks and information systems, while employing a prioritized, risk-based approach to securing an organization’s most sensitive data. BreakPoint Labs engineers are extremely passionate about helping organizations proactively identify risk. Our engineers adapt an attacker mindset when performing assessments, which allows BreakPoint Labs to evaluate technology features like an adversary.

All testing is carefully controlled by authorized Rules of Engagement (RoE) and is executed in a manner that avoids system impact. BreakPoint Labs adopts industry best practices, leveraging the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES), and the OWASP testing guidelines. Our engineers hold a large variety of technical security assessment qualifications, including, but not limited to:

Offensive Security Certified Expert [OSCE]

Offensive Security Certified Professional [OSCP]

GIAC Penetration Tester [GPEN]

GIAC Web Applicaction Penetration Tester [GWAPT]

Global Industrial Cyber Security Professional [GICSP]

Why Us?


We’re focused on providing you a premium service to help you identify risk and providing value beyond automated tools through manual testing and hunting techniques.


We follow a comprehensive methodology that follows industry best practices. Our methodology is built off the Penetration Testing Execution Standard (PTES) which is a comprehensive methodology compiled and maintained by the InfoSec community.


We adopt a mindset to be creative and think like an attacker. Mindset during an assessment is key. Thinking like an attacker allows BreakPoint labs to assess technology through a different lens and evaluate technology features like an adversary.


We are passionate about finding vulnerabilities missed by automated tools. We are truly passionate about security assessments. When BreakPoint Labs engineers aren’t working on an assessment they are geeking out with each other to sharpen their skills. This is our hobby, our obsession, and we look forward to doing what we love to help you identify risk.


Find Vulnerabilites Before the Adversary

Penetration Testing

< Penetration testing is simulated and authorized adversary emulation with the goal of proactively identifying vulnerabilities. BreakPoint Labs follows an established methodology using both automated and manual testing techniques to hunt for vulnerabilities./>

Network Penetration Testing

Simulating an attacker originating from the Internet [External], or originating from the internal LAN [Internal].

Application Penetration Testing

Simulating an attacker targeting web applications.

ICS Penetration Testing

Simulating an attacker targeting Industrial Control Systems [ICS].

Risk and Vulnerability Assessments

< BreakPoint Labs offers risk and vulnerability assessment services aimed at identifying issues that have mission impact. We pride ourselves in going beyond automated tools to enumerate vulnerabilities that would have otherwise been missed./>

Network Risk Assessment

Vulnerability enumeration on external [Internet] facing services, or on internal services.

Application Risk Testing

Vulnerability enumeration in web applications.

ICS Risk Assessments

Vulnerability enumeration in a Industrial Control Systems [ICS].

Other Assessments

< BreakPoint Labs offers a number of additional assessment services to meet our clients needs in the changing threat landscape. We offer services to assist in meeting compliance standards, and specialized assessments scoped around Social Engineering./>

Network or Application Vulnerability Scanning

BreakPoint Labs offers both network and application vulnerability scanning on an either one-time or reoccurring basis.

Compliance Testing

Perform penetration tests that comply with various industry standards and requirements.

Social Engineer Testing

Specialized penetration testing focused on identifying risk in the users of the systems.

Break the cycle.

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